(shown actual size)



  • Simple Operation
  • Simple Installation
  • Minimum Panel Space
  • Light Weight
  • Self Checking
  • No Adjustments
  • Computer Controlled
  • Visual and Audio Status Presentations
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Reliable Service and Support


  • Dimensions:
Height   0.925"
Width   3.000"
Length   6.250"
  • Weight:
9 oz
  • Mounting:
Panel Mount
  • Temp Range:
-15C TO +55C
-55C TO +85C
  • Input Power:
The VNS1000

A compact voice-directed guidance system for ILS, VOR, and GPS instrument approaches.

The VNS1000 Audio CDI insures optimum safety for instrument landing approaches by enhancing the visual guidance provided by the course and glideslope indicators with timely voice promps. This is particularly helpful in the event of distractions such as in-flight emergencies, pilot fatigue, and turbulence.

A pilot is advised in the same manner as would be experienced during a Precision Radar Approach (PAR). Therefore it can also be a valuable training aid for these types of approaches. Because of the constant reminder to correct even small deviations, and being prompted to limit the magnitude of the corrective action, it is also a valuable tool to polish pilot skills during practice approaches.

The VNS1000 has Built In Test Equipment. Input signals and internal system functions are continuously monitored for correctness and any discrepancies are immediately announced.

The VNS1000 comes complete with an installation kit which includes all required hardware and drill template for a panel mount, a color coded wiring harness with an integral connector, and a detailed Operating and Installation Manual.

VNS1000 input signal connections are paralleled with existing Navigation Radio/Indicator Converter or GPS outputs. Therefore, course guidance for VOR and GPS approaches is also provided.

San Dimas, CA 91773

For more information on the VNS1000 Audio CDI,
contact Ivan Marburger at ILLM-Enterprises
(909) 599-1037 Cell (909) 706-0235
Or email at i_marburger@yahoo.com

Fly Safely with the VNS1000!